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DOWNLOAD PDF Studies on Divergent Series and Summability (Michigan Science Series - Vol. II) Arguments and Icons: Divergent Modes of Religiosity. Divergent eBook Series by Veronica Roth. ()(pdf epub mobi). Divergent Trilogy has 43 entries in the series. Roth Author Aaron Stanford Narrator (). cover image of The Divergent Series Two-Book Collection.

Jump-started by the digital experiments of the US military-industrial complex, AI emerged and developed within a socio-economic order that rewards those who own the means for automating human labour, accelerating sales, elaborating financial spec- ulation and intensifying military-police control over potential restive populations.

What is apparent is that the owners of the great digital corporations regard AI as their technology — and with good reason, for it is they who possess the intellectual property rights, the vast research budgets, the labour-time of AI scientists, the data and the centres that store it, telecommunications networks, and the ties to an enabling state apparatus that are the preconditions for the creation of AI.

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There may appear to be surprising diversity of opinion about AI amongst corporate leaders, ranging from ecstatic embrace to apocalyptic 4.

What is shared, however, is the tacit agreement that it is they who are to dictate the direction of AI, to determine in their high-level conclaves and privileged conversations with government how not if it is to be adopted, and with what balance between wild gladiatorial free-enterprise competition and cautionary ethical regulation and policy safety-nets to prevent unwelcome tumults.

They also obscure the massive hubris of the capitalist class that believes it can control the forces it has unleashed. So here we quarrel with interlocutors we respect and have learned from, but with whom we differ.

Divergent Veronica Roth

A more moderate version grants them a limited credibility but insists this is not sufficient to seriously change previous analyses of capital and class Huws ; Moody a.

Taylor agrees with our point that technological change, and automation in particular, is not a neutral process, but rather wielded from a position of class power.

However, her main argument is that it is not just the actuality of automation, but more its possibility, that is weaponized to intimidate workers.

She cites the threats of robotized introduction: ai-capital. The millions of people migrating from planetary zones bypassed by analog and digital supply chains and automated factories testify to the reality of surplus populations.

Shrinking from that reality at the moment when a new instalment of corporate machinic power raises such disposability to a new level, and writing it all off as bluff and hype, may be reassuring, but it is unwise, sentimental and dangerously complacent.

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Entire industries have already been automated into nonexistence. This seems to offer a path for socialists that is more achievable than the daunting prospect of a full-scale revolution against capital.

Again, we sympathize with and in many respects share the aspirations of this group; indeed, one of us has written about digital technologies in a very similar vein Dyer-Witheford , while another has suggested that Marxism might usefully incorporate similarly maximalist elements introduction: ai-capital.

However, we have written this book in part to directly challenge some premises of such AI-optimism. In particular, we want to contest the idea that AI can easily be detached, disentangled and re-appropriated from capitalism.

For one, Land held AI to be the consummatory technology of capitalism, one that implanted the logic of capital at its very core. Given our anti-capitalist critique of both left minimalist denial and maximalist celebration of AI, it might be expected we go on to enunciate 8.

This is not the case, or true only in the sense that we want to remove the floor beneath both minimalist complacency and maximalist optimism. First, we confess, as we think other AI thinkers should, that there are vast indeterminacies about the directions and destinations of AI-infused capitalism. The everyday uses of AI now commonplace in advanced capitalism give some indicators of its future trajectory, but no certainties. We read it as a matrix of possibilities, rather than a promissory note.

These outcomes throw into question assumptions about the labour theory of value, the continued centrality of struggles at the point of production, or even the confidence that capitalism cannot survive the abolition of its human waged workforce.

Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant

These points demand consideration, not to justify defeatism, but as a component of a revival of revolutionary communist thought. This is what we mean when we say that, at the same time as making a Marxist critique of AI, we make an AI-informed critique of Marxism.

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Notice Message: Submit Search. This seems to offer a path for socialists that is more achievable than the daunting prospect of a full-scale revolution against capital.