Electrical Symbols and Standards Design of Simple Electrical Circuits-Light and Fan Circuits Electrical Design Estimating and Costing (pdf). ELECTRICAL DESIGN Estimating and Costing K.B. RAINA ○ S.K. BHATTACHARYA - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. ELECTRICAL. To ask other readers questions about Electrical Design ; Estimating And Costing, please sign up. Recent Questions. can i get a pdf file of this book? i need it.

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Download Eee-Viii-electrical Design,Estimation and Costing [10ee81]-Notes. Electrical Design Estimating And Costing. Download: Electrical Design Estimating And kaz-news.info Similar searches: Electrical Design. Estimating And Costing. Electrical Design Estimating And Costing. by K B Raina S K Bhattacharya. Book condition: New. Book Description. New Age International (p).

In dynamic environments such as electrical construction, the scope is a moving target, therefore guesstimating the scope implies significant flexibility. Generally, you break down the budgetary quotation by providing a Design Brief for the requirements for Electrical Supply, Power, Lighting, Communications etc, and show assumptions and their associated costs.

Now you have a fairly good idea of the cost of the project and can begin to make some intelligent decisions about the feasibility, scope or specifications of the project. One reason to complete a budget is to obtain full funding for the project and to provide a cost-control mechanism for the electrical construction process. By developing an accurate scope of work for the project, customers can avoid disputes that almost always result in cost overruns.

Where the total number of fixtures points are tallied and multiplied by an amount resulting in the project price e. This method commonly leaves you out of pocket, due to travel time eating into your profits.


Problems may also occur which could impact the cost of the job with inaccurate take offs and therefore take longer than stated. It also manages the material costs, quotes, and ordering because each assembly includes all the necessary materials and labour to complete a unit price of the work.

For example, a power point assembly might include; power point, mounting bracket, 10 metres of 2. When creating take-offs, you can insert the power point assembly instead of each of the individual parts needed. You only need to then enter the quantity of the power point assemblies needed in the project.

When you compute the take-off with a common dollar value is added and multiplied for each pre-build or assembly unit rate. Uses a flat rate for their services, you can Create a flat rate price pre-build or assembly and apply this to work orders instead of manually defining the labour and materials.


This can be a fixed price for the sum total of the labour and materials provided, or a chargeable rate. Pre-builds or Assemblies can combine materials and labour, materials only, or labour only as a single billable item to appear on jobs, quotes and invoices.

Schedule of rates Contracts are also called unit price Contracts, item rate Contracts, piece rates, or with such other names. Tenderers are required to quote unit rates using pre-builds or assemblies in a schedule, for each item of work potentially required under the Contract. Schedule of rates Contracts can also have quantities, but these are mere estimates and are subject to adjustment as work gets completed.

This current is the continuous maximum current 9 When motors are started we have to account the starting inrush current of large motor in the down stream. Starting current of DOL starting motor is 2. It is necessary that the feeder protective fuse should not blow off before the motor protective fuse in the DB.

This is achieved by proper grading between the fuses. Also major fuse rating should match with the cable selection.

Unlike DBs, switch boards are specified by its total current carrying capacity or incomer current rating. Where as in DBs current rating of the outlet is the specified rating.

Electrical Design Estimating and Costing

If the number of loads is more, SSB is required, which is installed almost at the load centers. If A switch is not available, A switch 28 with A fuse can be used.

The incomer cable is also rated for A.

Considering all these, a practical and most economical selection is A incomer. Here maximum fuse rating is A and grading is automatically satisfied. If DF is not clearly known, the total ampacity of outlet feeders shall not be more than two times the ampacity of the incomer feeder. But the switch may be A, since above A, only A switch is available. Some manufactures makes A and A also.

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One of the outlet switches is rated to A. But the scheme is correct.This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Design of Electrical Installations for residential and commercial buildings as well as small industries has been dealt with in detail. There are a lot of software packages, hardware tools and information related to 3D and virtual environments [3].

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