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gricka vjestica kontesa nera pdf

Famed for her beauty and open-minded conduct, she becomes the jewel of Zagrebian aristocracy , but her popularity among men causes strong discountenance among envious women who see her as a threat. Due to Nera's attempts of saving unfortunate low class women from witch-burnings, she herself gets accused of witchcraft , which opens a protest of the aristocracy against the law for condemning a member of their society.

All complaints to the Queen are soon hindered by the female society, leaving Nera at the mercy of the corrupted law. Eventually Empress Maria Theresa gets informed of the scandalous condemnation of her friend's granddaughter and, by the persuasion of her son Joseph, reverses the process against Nera.

The first book, "Secret of the Bloody Bridge", is set in the same period but works as an independent story, unlike the later novels which are thematically tied to the story "Countess Nera". The characters from the first book appear again in the later books.

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Despite the greater popularity of the second story, this book is widely considered by experts to be Zagorka's best literary work. The girl falls in love with the Count, risking her employment and head by the Baroness.

She keeps on assisting the Count who does not recognize or return her love due to his conviction that his little friend is a boy. The story involves genres of adventure, romance , and history present in all of her novels but stands out as the only crime novel next to the Princess of Petrinjska Street. The book is exceptional for reflecting on numerous old Zagrebian legends and fairy tales, presenting elements of the supernatural and religious miracles.

It reflects on the famous painting of the "Madonna of the Stone Gate" which became the Holy patron of Zagreb after miraculously surviving a fire while all else, including the painting frame, burned down. They are both banished from the city, at which point the story starts to unfold through the open battle of nobles with The Margrave and the Kaptolian clerics.

The story deals with numerous issues such as the nature of marriage bringing up controversial questions such as marriage of Catholic priests. The story centers around the 13th century historical heroes "Knight Sokol" and the infamous robber Tomo Crni Black Tomo.

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Renata rated it really liked it Aug 04, Grickx was in Zagreb that she began her career as a journalist, which was a grjcka unusual career for a woman in those days, and because grickz that, she was vjextica upon, humiliated and prejudiced against her entire life. The taste is light, aromatic, rich and fine sweetness and balanced flavor. Maya Krstic rated it it was amazing Nov 04, Once you start reading them, you wont be able to stop until you reach the end.

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Tastes the same as aroma, light sweet, light to medium bitter. Related Articles Roblje Kamen na cesti A Stone on the Road - An autobiographical novel detailing the author's early life.