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Kessel 205 Book

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Kessel font family - Designed by Adrian Talbot. Kessel Thin Oblique. - 1 variant. OpenType TTF .ttf). Latin (Std) Kessel Book. - 1 variant. Kessel Book Font: Kessel is inspired by the classic, geometric sans- serifs such as Futura, but has shallower ascenders and descenders for a more. Kessel Font: Kessel is inspired by the classic, geometric sans-serifs such as Futura, but has shallower Kessel Book Oblique.

Kessel Book font

Bertram has previously designed for a number of practical applications, formed the basis for the design of Rabenau's reduced, clear, functional, and emotionally appealing characters.

These included: book covers, lettering for newspapers, and magazines, and even fonts for typewriters and television screens. Rabenau is a counterpoint to contemporary typefaces, which often run quite narrow.

Its design has proven itself as a solution of the setting of immersive texts, in part because of its large x-height. The moderate stroke contrast helps contribute to a balanced gray in pages of text.

The Rabenau typeface's letters, which exhibit a tension between individuality and similarity, fluctuate between baroque and neoclassical styles. A vertical axis, with gently-curved bracketing, and bar-shaped serifs with slight rounding, are further contributions to design's features.

Also worthy of mention are the gently swinging arcs of the letters' curves and stems, as well as the open lower counter form in the lowercase g a trait Rabenau shares with Baskerville's typefaces.

The letterforms in the Rabenau typeface combine formal rigor with grace and legibility. Halotique Tryout. Free Personal Use Halotique Tryout font. Free Personal Use Sarabun font. Tuffy Regular. Free Personal Use Tuffy Regular font.

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Kessel Book font

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Kessel W00 Book Fonts. Kessel -- Book. Adrian Talbot. Copyright c Talbot Type.

Kessel Book

Part of the Kessel Collection by Talbot Type.Free Personal Use Cicle Gordita font. Download Format.

Free Personal Use Opticon One1 font. Free Personal Use Opificio Regular font.


Free Personal Use Kuro-Regular font. This typeface is original artwork of Axel Bertram and Andreas Frohloff. Please wait!