Ruby Monday Study Group curriculum for beginners. This book has been written after You'll be able to jump into other tutorials, and have a much easier time If you'd like to print this book, or export it as a PDF try using this page, which is a. Ruby is a scripting language designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto, also known as Matz. This tutorial has been prepared for beginners to help them understand the. Ruby Tutorial in PDF - Learn Ruby in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Environment Setup.

Ruby Tutorial For Beginners Pdf

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(online) and PDF . While I believe you can learn basic Ruby programming with this Ruby in Twenty Minutes⁷ is the official Ruby tutorial. Ruby is a relatively young programming language, which provides some very interesting aspects and seems like a very good candidate as a beginner's. Complete Ruby tutorial to help you get started writing your own Ruby programs & learning the Ruby programming language!.

Arrays have a method named.

A Programmer's Best Friend

The convention in Ruby is that a method which returns true or false should have a name ending in a?. Understanding the Execution Flow When the minutes is 5, here is how the execution goes: "Is it true that 5 is less than 7?

Yes, it is, so print out the line The water is not boiling yet. When the minutes is 7, it goes like this: "Is it true that 7 is less than 7? Next, is it true that 7 is equal to 7?

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Yes, it is, so print out the line It's just barely boiling". When the minutes is 8, it goes like this: "Is it true that 8 is less than 7?

Next, is it true that 8 is equal to 7?

Next, is it true that 8 is equal to 8? Yes, it is, so print out the line It's boiling! Lastly, when total is 9, it goes: "Is it true that 9 is less than 7?

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Next, is it true that 9 is equal to 7? Next, is it true that 9 is equal to 8?

Since none of those are true, execute the else and print the line Hot! If the if is true, for instance, Ruby will never look at the elsif. Equality vs.

It means "is the thing on the right equal to the thing on the left? The most common are known as "logical and" and "logical or". You can write a "logical or" with double pipes like this:. This was difficult at first, but a little too easy after I had some practice.

Some things must be taught before others, but I was amazed at how little of a precedence hierarchy there really is. Eventually, I just had to pick an order, and I tried to arrange things so that each new section was motivated by the previous ones.

Another principle I've kept in mind is to teach only one way to do something. It's an obvious benefit in a tutorial for people who have never programmed before. For one thing, one way to do something is easier to learn than two. Perhaps the more important benefit, though, is that the fewer things you teach a new programmer, the more creative and clever they have to be in their programming.

Ruby Programming

Since so much of programming is problem solving, it's crucial to encourage that as much as possible at every stage. I have tried to piggy-back programming concepts onto concepts the new programmer already has; to present ideas in such a way that their intuition will carry the load, rather than the tutorial.

Object-Oriented programming lends itself to this quite well. I was able to begin referring to "objects" and different "kinds of objects" pretty early in the tutorial, slipping those phrases in at the most innocent of moments. I wasn't saying anything like "everything in Ruby is an object," or "numbers and strings are kinds of objects," because these statements really don't mean anything to a new programmer.

Instead, I would talk about strings not "string objects" , and sometimes I would refer to "objects", simply meaning "the things in these programs.

Although I wanted to avoid needless OO jargon, I wanted to make sure that, if they did need to learn a word, they learned the right one. I don't want them to have to learn it twice, right?

So I called them "strings," not "text. Honestly, I bet I spent half of my time just trying to come up with fun, interesting exercises.

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Boring exercises absolutely kill any desire to program, while the perfect exercise creates an itch the new programmer can't help but scratch. In short, you just can't spend too much time coming up with good exercises.

About the Original Tutorial The pages of the tutorial and even this page are generated by a big Ruby program , of course. I think this is the best, easiest, and certainly the coolest way to make sure that all of the code I present works exactly as I say it does.

You don't have to worry that I might have copied the output of one of the examples wrong, or forgotten to test some of the code; it's all been tested. If you notice any errors or typos, or have any comments or suggestions or good exercises I could include, please let me know.The point of this is to get you used to typing inside the terminal window.

It took me another year, but now I think it's really really good, mostly because of the hundreds of brave souls who have helped me write it. Equality vs. If you notice any errors or typos, or have any comments or suggestions or good exercises I could include, please let me know.

A couple of years later, it was getting pretty good.

The Best Way To Learn Ruby

All you have to do is choose your installation directory and validate until the installation procedure is complete. Like this: In a hurry to get started? So I called them "strings," not "text.